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Nomex Pakning Large/Junior/Rund

The best selling pack. New model 2014

The new Gold Standard Gasket (TM) is a special gasket made to withstand the extremely high temperatures a ceramic grill can create, and unlike the usual known field gasket, the Nomex fivber can withstand up to 750F / 400C, more than ample to withstand the heat you need for pizza baking, searing of steak. The gasket has become thicker in the material and thus provides a better seal at major unevenness, thus helping to make your grill even more dense.

The only package for ceramic grill's that is 2 years' granti on.

The High-Que Gold Standard Gasket is the perfect replacement gasket for your ceramic grill, and with a 2-year garnti safe choice for those who have burned your original gasket or just need replacement.

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Tilbehør Grill
Primo Kamado Rund
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